A new vision in urban commuting

A better way

to get from here to there

(faster and cheaper, reliably and safely)

Welcome to CityTram

CityTram is a new vision for urban and sub-urban commuting, and an effort to move the United States toward that vision.  In many parts of the world, the dominant modality for "personal" transportation is public mass transit.  In America the dominant modality is the personally owned and operated automobile.  While reliance upon use of private cars has many wonderful attributes, a better way is possible - faster, cheaper, safer, and more universally accessible.  We just need a little help to see this better alternative and build it.

Concept:       What is this new vision?  How does it differ from mass transit ?

Benefits:       How is this new way better than private automobiles ?

Analysis:       There are lots of alternative commuting solutions.  Why is CityTram the right way to go ?   

Gallery:         Some pictures and videos to help you see our vision.

Technology:  Some precise specifications and cost analysis.

About:           Details about the CityTram organization and project status.   

CityTram in a Nutshell

A 5 minute video (with a groove)

that sums up the CityTram proposal.

mobile video link