A new vision in urban commuting

A better way

to get from here to there

(faster and cheaper, reliably and safely)

Concept      What is this new vision?  How does it differ from mass transit ?


CityTram can be described as an elevated flat roller coaster.  The wheels and bogie employ roller coaster technology.  This technology is proven to provide very quiet operation, extremely low rolling resistance (for low energy), very precise and reliable tracking (for safety), and excellent wear characteristics (for low maintenance costs).  

By re-orienting the rails into a vertical position, they serve not only as a guideway, but also as a ladder truss for structural support of the bridge.  This minimizes the cost of the bridge construction, while achieving significant bridge spans between support towers.  


Since car loading is so low (< 500 lbs), the two load wheels of the vertically oriented bogie are sufficient to carry the vehicle weight.  So use of a single load rail (rather than the traditional two) further reduces costs.  The use of a mono-rail also helps maintain the smoothness of the ride over the long term, as there is no need to maintain co-planar alignment of two parallel rails to prevent the perception of wobbling by the rider.